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Friday, February 22, 2013

How to Sell Silver - part 1

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In these economically strapped times the price of silver is at an all time high and a quick look down your local street will probably show a new shop that is specialising in buying unwanted gold and silver.

Elsewhere, in magazines and on the internet there seems to be hundreds of firms popping up and offering a service where to sell silver you simply put your unwanted valuables in a pre paid envelope and wait for the payment by return post.

But there have been documented cases where people have tried to sell silver items and have received very little in return.

You send off your silver valuables in an envelope and the gold and silver company contact you with an offer for your silver. If you disagree with this offer you can ask them to make a higher offer.

A recent BBC TV expose revealed that some silver buying companies would instantly doubled their price when questioned about their offer and even this was usually well below its true value.

It can be tempting to take the easy option and simply sell your silver to a company, especially if you have inherited silver and gold or been given as a gift but would you do this with other goods?

No one in their right mind would sell a £10 note for £2.50 but this is essentially what some of these cash for precious metals companies are proposing.

If you wish to sell silver you need to consider your best options for getting the best price. So what other avenues are open to you when you want to sell silver?

Next - How to Sell Silver (part 2).

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